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CONTRACTS: Lots of companies , individuals and local authorities requires a reliable, cost effective recommendable services provider before commencing or buying any services all these is what we want you to consider before any commitment. All our services are offered for both small and large companies as we are well equipped to care for both commercial and domestics contracts.

We know that when clients decided either to employ a contractor for the first time or to change their current service provider they usually ask for two, three or even more companies for quotation. All these will depend on the nature and size of the contracts. We guarantee the best value for money at most lowest quote.


As we provide high quality standard services tailored to your individual requirements, as well as joining hands to maintain our environmental responsibilities. We have an excellent quality assurance programme as a training centre that will make us unique to all our service users or contractors, we will always guarantee excellent result every time.


We are confidence that our services are so developed to comply with consumer and care Act. It is a composite of documents that enable us to carry out our services professionally. We have got a reputation for outstanding value and service delivery, our philosophy is to treat our client as individual and to focus our attention on the specific individual needs. 


GENERAL ASSESSMENT:  Prior to deliver any of our services we will give out assessment form or sending one of our manager to the site for comprehensive assessment and likewise Moving and Handling Assessment .With the aim to identify potential risk at the site and evaluate the level of the delegates.


CONFIDENTIALITY:  All important information and vital documents about all our services, Learners, Contractors, Awarding bodies, Risk assessment reports and Moving and Handling  Assessment all this will be store in a safe lock place and this will include any report where our staff record every each visit and all copy are duplicated.

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